Alexia (alexialee) wrote,

I found something recently in a bookstore which appalled me for a good few minutes that I just had to stand there gaping at the cover.

Yes, people. The classic book, and amazingly written musical, Les Miserables, has a freaking sequel. I'd understand and care a bit more if it was written by Victor Hugo, or if it stuck to his book at all. But she completely rewrites the last section to make Marius into some kind of shady character that Valjean disapproves of, and Javert is alive, and later arrests Marius, and it's just a whole pile of crap I'd like to forget I ever set eyes on.

In my opinion, books should never have sequels if they're not written by the original authors. Only Louisa May Alcott knew how Jo March would be living to write Little Men, or V.C. Andrews knew that Cathy Dollanganger would end up marrying her brother in Petals on the Wind.

What films, books, TV shows, anything, do you think should never have had a sequel?

So what people did to you in secrets was pretty damn sucky. If you ever wanna hang out and get totally wasted sometime, you know where my room is.
Tags: bookworm rants
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